A list of prize-winning participants in the art contest "The Way Of The Two Brothers"

1st category: 1st – 3rd grade primary school     2nd category: 4th – 5th grade primary school     Kindergarten category     Elementary art school category     Category for international participants

1st category: 1st – 3rd grade primary school

1st place Matěj Trampota 2nd grade Constantine and Methodius coming to the temple.
2nd place Alice Krhovjáková 8 years I like playing with baby Anička but I also watch over her and take her out in a stroller.
3rd place Antonín Balga 7 years I painted myself playing football.
4th place Martin Šťastný 3rd grade Cyril and Methodius at the king...
5th place Elen Pohanková 7 years Me and Natálka playing horse land.
6th place David Godžiašvili 9 years Saints Cyril and Methodius
7th place Tomáš Randýsek 9 years Cyril’s school
8th place Deniska Domaščenko 8 years
9th place Martina Šroubková 8 years Cyril and Methodius are in heaven. Cyril had been in heaven for a longer period of time because he died earlier than Methodius.
10th place Daneček Hanák 8 years Constantine and Methodius reached Great Moravia and brought books written in the Glagolitic alphabet – that was the name of the new script.
11th place Stanislav Žůrek 10 years Sabča
12th place Jiří Horňák 7 years Arrival of Cyril and Methodius to the prince
13th place Ivona Zavřelová 9 years Rastislav welcomes Cyril and Methodius. Brothers Cyril and Methodius reached Rastislav safely. The prince was already on the lookout for them. Everybody was curious to see the significant visitors, birdies as well as the kitty on the roof.
14th place Kamil Škodík 7 years I love playing hockey with my dad.
15th place Vojta Brázda 9 years I have painted my tomcat Fousek with whom I like to play.

2nd category: 4th – 5th grade primary school

1st place Vratislav Poppr 11 years In the picture there is a classroom break after a lesson of the Glagolitic alphabet. Instead of a board, Methodius wrote on a big parchment. Methodius’ students are very naughty and they are quarreling with one another. Moreover, a goat came into that mess, swallows are fluttering at the ceiling, the cock is crowing, hens are cackling which gives birth to chaos. May a new lesson begin!
2nd place Barbora Petřeková 10 years Cyril’s school
3rd place Jana Juráková 10 years I have painted what children were doing during a break at school at the time of Constantine (Cyril) and Methodius. In the picture I have depicted the Glagolitic alphabet and children looking at tools or playing with them.
4th place Alžběta Kotrlová 10 years I am helping my grandma to replant flowers.
5th place Natálie Paschkeová 10 years
6th place Hanka Pinďáková 11 years In this picture I have depicted a break at Cyril’s school. I believe that all Cyril’s students were impeccable. And believe me, sometimes I wish so much it looked like that in our classroom as well.
7th place Linda Karlíková 9 years I have depicted what children were doing during a break at the school of Cyril and Methodius. I think children at that time were similar to children these days. In the picture the children are having a snack during break, they are talking about what they are probably going to do in the class to follow.
8th place Nikola Tkadlečková 10 years Saint Methodius and Saint Cyril are coming back to Moravia and they are pleased to learn that the Moravians did not forget about them. They are coming to Radhošť and everywhere they can see that people keep remembering them. There are pilgrimages in villages. They can see little chapels dedicated to them, which are decorated with flowers. They are still at home here with the Moravians.
9th place Anna Doskočilová 11 years Children learn during break, they talk, play with a ball, examine one another.
10th place Magdaléna Malenová 10 years Cyril during a break
11th place Matěj Brachtl 12 years I am helping my dad fix our car, which has broken down.
12th place Tomáš Gajda 11 years This picture describes the school of the two brothers, Cyril and Methodius. I have written everything in the Glagolitic alphabet (Slavic script). This break is between a lesson of prayer and script.
13th place Matylda Novotná 11 years The picture depicts how things might have looked at Cyril’s school during a break. On the board, the word "break" is written in the Glagolitic alphabet.
14th place Vladimír Krucký 10 years A disciple gropes for water.
15th place Eliška Hladká 11 years Up there is Cyril’s school. In the right hand corner there is a pond and next to the pond there is a disciple who is sitting on a stump because it is a break. There is a path leading to the school and there is a disciple on that path. Down there is Cyril, who is also sitting on a stump and there is a vase with water in front of him. Next to the vase there is a grove with trees and mushrooms. Behind Cyril there are two scholars who sit on stumps. Behind the last disciple there is food – mushrooms, fish, bread and drinking water. In front of the food there is a birdie which sits on a piece of wood. Otherwise, there is grass everywhere and somewhere there are trees. There are mushrooms in a big basket. There are fish in a small bowl. The bread is on an elliptical plate and water is in a small vase.

Kindergarten category

1st place Klárinka Mrázková and Kačka Sobolová 4 roky Cyril and Methodius are leaving their homeland and setting out on a journey to Great Moravia. They are leaving the country of the sun and warmth for the unknown ...
2nd place Arthík Bigoni 6 years Cyril and Methodius are bringing faith and the Bible.
3rd place Rose-Marie Kylarová 5 years Cyril and Methodius are bringing the cross – faith to Rastislav and to his people.
4th place Ondřej Adámek 4 roky This is me, Ondra, playing.
5th place Emma Hampejzová 6 years Cyril and Methodius before Rastislav.
6th place Lenka Jandová 6 years With my female friends we play princesses in the kindergarten and swing on swings to the sun.
7th place Ondřej Bulvas 6 years Cyril and Methodius are coming to Prince Rastislav. Prince Rastislav is seated on his throne and welcomes Constantine and Methodius.
8th place Tobiáš Pajdla 6 years Cyril and Methodius are coming to Great Moravia. Horses carrying a big load of books (in bags on their backs) are grazing and resting on a hillside. Everybody is welcoming and greeting the brothers enthusiastically.
9th place Michaela Klimková 5 years My friend – little brother Lukášek.
10th place Vojtěch Švec 6 years Cyril and Methodius at Velehrad.
11th place Michaela Davidová 6 years I love playing with Monička and Vašek.
12th place Johanka Kujanová 4 roky Cyril and Methodius carrying a book (the Bible) and a baby.
13th place Antonín Šimek 5 years Cyril and Methodius carrying a cross and faith before Rastislav.
14th place Josef Ignác Levíček 6 years Prince Rastislav is welcoming Cyril and Methodius and he is glad they came and he is waving at them. Cyril and Methodius are happy they are in Moravia already. Cyril is carrying the Holy Scripture.
15th place Natálka Šámalová 6 years I like playing with my female friend Baruška with a ball.

Elementary art school category

1st place Kristýna Mrázková 10 years Time-out
2nd place Eliška Kizmanová 8 years I like painting with my female friends
3rd place Oldřich Poul 9 years The way they played with a cat during a break.
4th place Viktória Matejkinová 8 years Cyril and Methodius travelling to Moravia
5th place Sára Kokošková 7 years I like playing with cats, I would like to have a kitten at home.
6th place Eliška Drábková 10 years Constantine and Methodius translated liturgical books necessary for church services to the Old Church Slavonic. Their journey to Great Moravia.
7th place Barbora Stejskalová 10 years I like helping with baking of Christmas pastry.
8th place Adéla Denková 11 years School of Cyril and Methodius
9th place Tereza Hrabáková 8 years Cyril and Methodius on their way
10th place Ellen Vaškevič 7 years At home we have cats with which I like to play.
11th place Petr Fous 9 years Cyril
12th place Tereza Drobná 10 years Cyril and Methodius
13th place Barbora Pechová 8 years Methodius, imprisoned in an open pit.
14th place Jan Šik 7 years I love playing with my dog.
15th place Adriana Sedlářová 11 years „During a break“

Category for international participants

1st place Viktória Fischerová 3rd grade The way Saint Gorazd lectured.
2nd place Igor Czarnecki 8 years
3rd place Jakub Świderski 9 years
4th place Oliwia Kurant 8 years
5th place Danica Banciová 5th grade Birthplace of brothers Cyril and Methodius.
6th place Anemi Novotná 1th grade Thus they came to Velehrad.
7th place Karolina Kazimierczak 7 years
8th place Veronika Machovičová 5th grade Constantine at the Patriarch – the head of the Byzantine church.
9th place Karolína Lustigová 1st grade Flowers for missionaries
10th place Miltos Xristoforidis 10 years
11th place Laura Lančaričová 1st grade
12th place Stella Simona Dolou 10 years The way of the two brothers. Saint Cyril and Methodius were brothers. They were born in Thessaloniki. They lived in the 9th century. They became Christian missionaries among Slavic people in Bulgaria, Romania, Chech Republic and Slovakia. They also influenced the culture of the Slavs and they developed the Cyrillic alphabet which is now used in a number of Slavic lauguages.
13th place Zuzana Novotná 5th grade Little bees saved Cyril and Methodius. Lime tree became a symbol of the Slavs.
14th place Laura Jedličková 4th grade They were welcomed with bread and salt
15th place Anastasia Triantafillidou 10 years

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